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Trees beautify your property and give it charm and attractiveness. When you have trees in your yard, they improve the look of your home and provide shade. While trees increase the value of your home, you need to keep them looking their best with regular trimming and pruning. If a tree has a disease or is overgrown, you need to trim it or cut it down. To keep your trees looking their best, use an expert tree service in Franklin, TN, for your trimming and removal needs. We offer complete tree services at reasonable rates.

What Tree Services Do You Offer?

As a leading tree service in Franklin, TN, we provide trimming and pruning, branch and tree removal, and stump grinding and removal. If you have a tree with branches growing over your home or driveway, you need to remove them as soon as possible. Branches can fall onto your house and cause damage, and the leaves and debris will harm your roof and clog your gutters. It is best to trim the branches and remove limbs that are overgrown before they cause damage. A tree expert knows how to cut the tree so it will continue to grow strong and remain healthy. If you have a tree that fell, you will want to remove the stump.

What to Expect with Tree Removal

Our tree service in Franklin, TN, will evaluate the health of the tree and advise you when it is best to remove a tree. Sometimes a disease can spread from tree to tree, so you should remove the tree as soon as possible. We cut down trees of all sizes. We will remove branches and limbs in some cases to prevent harm when we take the tree down. Our tree removal experts will take the tree down quickly and safely without causing damage to your home or property. We remove the branches, trunk, and debris to leave your yard looking good.

Can You Remove the Stump?

When you chop a tree down or when it falls due to decay, the stump remains. Tree stumps are ugly, and they make your yard look unattractive. Stumps can also be home to many insects and vermin. When you want to beautify your yard and keep it safe, you want to remove the stump. As a top tree service in Franklin, TN, we provide tree stump grinding and removal. Grinding is an excellent choice for large tree stumps. We use specialized equipment that grinds the stump into small chips and dust. Once we complete the job, you will be able to regain the use of that part of your lawn.

Call for Professional Tree Service in Franklin, TN

Whether you have a tree that you need to cut down, a stump that requires removal of some branches and limbs that you need to trim, it is best to call a professional. Our team has the training and experience to handle any job, large or small. Call us today for a free estimate for our tree services in your area.

Tree Service Franklin TN

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